Types of Perfumes and Fragrances

parThere are hundreds, perhaps thousands of types of perfumes in today`s market. The high demand for various types of perfumes makes it easily available to find them from inexpensive to moderate expensive to very expensive types of perfumes for all tastes and pockets. One does not have to go very far in order to find major brands available.

The most common way to describe a perfume is perhaps considering its concentration level, where it has been originated from, and the notes of the scent. The most common scent is floral with ingredients such as carnation, jasmine, violet, orange blossoms, lilies, orchids, just to name a few. All perfumes and colognes are different and they are meant to associate the personality and skin type of users.

In order to classify a perfume or cologne, one interesting aspect to consider would be the percentage of concentration by volume of perfume oil:

Perfume usually has in its content, 15 to 25% of perfumed oil.
Eau de Perfume usually has in its content 8 to 15% of perfumed oil.
Eau de Toilette usually has in its content 4 to 10% of perfumed

Permanent Makeup Treatments in Los Angeles

9Suppose you can wake up in the morning without the trouble of make up? Certified medical micropigmentation (CMM) expert, Ruth Swissa fuses the her artistic background with current medical practice to offer her signature natural-looking permanent makeup and the latest skincare treatments. She is a third-generation medical aesthetician who specializes in medical tattoo, and is recommended by many doctors for patients recovering from surgery or accidents. Swissa approaches each client with the sensitivity of an artist, pulling from eight years of fine arts studies, and precision of a medic, working closely with the finest plastic surgeons locally and abroad.

Permanent cosmetics is heralded as one of the finest aesthetic conventions, that is, if it is done correctly. At Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup and Skin, we ensure the most quality equipment, proper training of our staff, safeguard of personal information, and most explicitly, we assure a subtle, yet noticeable permanent enhancement. Swissa believes that permanent make up los angeles should be merely a complement to preexisting beauty of her patients. Using organic

Cosmetics Industry Overview

4Cosmetics have been around in one shape or form for many years, the earliest documented use of cosmetics is around 4000BC way back in ancient Egypt days where eye decoration and scents became common place. From then to now, very little has changed in the use of cosmetics, they are still used to contour and highlight the skin and features and to mask any body odour, although odour issues are not as big an issue now as it was back in those days.

The word “Cosmetics” is a rather broad term targeted towards many market sectors, its dictionary definition is;

A powder, lotion, lipstick, rouge, or other preparation for beautifying the face, skin, hair, nails, etc.
Cosmetics, superficial measures to make something appear better, more attractive, or more impressive:

A sub category of “Cosmetics” is “Makeup” this encompasses most modern day beauty products and is targeted to Facial cosmetics such as Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Mascara etc.

Today’s Cosmetic market place is a huge global economy worth approximately $40 billion, mostly generated in the western

Branded Permanent Makeup and Beauty Products Just a Click Away

3Get the branded permanent makeup products online through a leading authorize distributor, Online Salon Supply. The company is authorized to sale branded products and machines which are used for permanent makeup procedure. Apart from this, Online Salon Supply is also famous for providing permanent makeup training for beginners as well as advance level trainees.

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Natural Makeup Look for Brown Eyes

2Brown eyes have a warm feel for them and look demure and innocent. They’ve an element of mystery and can be very enticing. Brown eyes have different shades like black, golden or green hues within the irises. The main thing about how to choose makeup for brown eyes would be that the colors should be complementary towards the brown eyes. They should be in a position to bring out the colors of not just the brown eye, however the shades of irises as well. This can help making your brown eyes the middle of attention of your facial features. Let’s go into the details of natural looking constitute tips for brown eyes.

Real looking Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

To include the shine and sparkle for your eyes, the following information on real looking make up tips for brown eyes will end up being very useful. Many girls and women find their brown eyes to become dull and boring and also have a desire of getting the

Makeup Artist To Enhance Your Charm

1The makeup is a very important thing. It helps in enhancing your looks. It is basically the covering which is provided with the help of the cosmetics. It is the desire of every single person living on this planet to look great. The reason for this is that better looks help in boosting the self-esteem and confidence level of an individual.

The makeup is very important in hiding the imperfections of the skin. There are various factors that have an adverse impact on our skin cell. Some of the most popular factors are UV rays of sun, dust, pollution & climatic condition. Owing to these, our skin cells get injured. In this way, our skin loses all the charm & attraction.

The makeup artists provide cure from these ailments. They take care of all the ailments and help in improving the overall looks of an individual. In this, they use various cosmetics and equipment so that your skin looks great and attractive. At times, due to external factors, our skin loses charm. These people help in providing

MAC Makeup Developed for Professionals, Loved By All

1MAC makeup (originally known as Makeup Artist Cosmetics) is a Canadian cosmetics brand developed by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. The Toronto-based duo originally created this line for professional makeup artists who worked in television, film, theatre and fashion, and began promoting the product by giving free samples to prominent makeup artists in these industries. The quality and effectiveness of the products quickly became a favorite and in 1991 the first store opened in New York City.

MAC makeup is known for its innovative formulas, extensive color palette, professional results and of course the company’s dedication to social causes. After creating the very successful MAC AIDS fund, the VIVA Glam line was launched where every penny of the profits from a select line of lipsticks and glosses are donated to back to the charity. MAC makeup is also heralded for its 100% cruelty-free ingredients, as well as their recycling program where customers can return used bottles for a free lipstick or eye shadow.

MAC relies on little advertising compared to its competitors like L’Oreal, Cover

How Safe Are Your Cosmetics?

imagesMost of us probably don’t give much thought to our morning rituals, to the extent that we’re even awake during them. But the parade of personal care products Americans use each day—from toothpaste and shampoo to lipstick and aftershave—can affect us more than we realize. At issue are the chemical ingredients they contain and the extent to which they pose any risk to consumers. Just as Americans have developed an appetite for pesticide-free foods and all things organic, so too have they turned their attention to the make up of makeup.

Mounting research on the subject has raised questions and stoked concern about the potential toxicity of certain chemicals and has led to calls for increased regulation of the beauty business. Fragrance, in particular, has become a source of concern due to the unlisted ingredients behind the scents. A study of 17 popular fragrances by the Environmental Working Group and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, advocacy groups focused on exposing products they deem hazardous to health, found 14 undisclosed chemicals, on average. Among them were phthalates, which are used to soften plastic and have been linked

The Toxic Truth About Cosmetics

Toxic-Reality-about-CosmeticsWould you believe the average person uses up to 15 different cosmetic products a day? It’s shocking, when you consider how easy it is to simply drink plenty of water, get a full night’s rest, and of course embrace the natural appearance you were born with. Why, I might occasionally apply a little raw coconut oil or press a fresh organic beet against my lips, but otherwise I—

Okay FINE. Right now I’m wearing moisturizer, skin primer, foundation, undereye concealer, eyeliner, bronzer, blush, eyebrow powder, blush, setting power, and lip stain — and that was just to make myself look halfway human for school drop-off. (At 39, I find that my morning ablutions are less about glamour, and more about not appearing quite as seemingly flu-ridden as I looked when I first got out of bed.)


I use a ridiculous amount of different cosmetics products on a regular basis, from skincare items to makeup to fragrance. This is why I thought it would be

Unforgettable Experience In Prague

There is nothing more beautiful than woman shape, and the warmth of their company is just irreplaceable. Travel to Prague and see all those beautiful girls? Need some company that will be more than just your partner in some or even many adventures, but also your escort in some night entertainment? Food and beer or tourisms spot may cheer you up and so does some deal of business you successfully made in this part of Europe, but there must be that time when you feel that your table is boring and your bed is lonely. For all your hard work and those times you forget about yourself you deserve some redemption. Yes, when the time finally come to you to celebrate it all and have some relax, make sure you will not end up feeling alone and lonely.

The power of girl companion is beyond explain. Their feminine side works gently and able to make everyone fall in pleasurable pamper, yet their passion and excitement can also bring you to the wildest experience. Women are naturally born to complete men, and it is through their appearance both physical and psychological. Whether you finally get all the things

Cosmetic And Woman Pregnancy

The experience to become an expectant mother is very precious, and those who experience it, know the feeling very well. Thus, to keep that precious feeling there and to hinder any bad thing during pregnancy, it is pivotal for expectant mothers to update themselves with some pregnancy information and tips, moreover when it comes to expectant mother that loves to wear cosmetic products during pregnancy. You may not aware, but some of ingredients that are used, it caters bad effect not only for the expectant mother, but also for the infant.

Not to fear you, but before the nightmare comes to you and your precious baby, understand what kind of cosmetics and cosmetic materials you need to hinder are worth considering. Unless you are certain that these following cosmetic products are safe for you after consulting it with your doctor, be sure that you leave your habit to apply acne cream, whitening cream, perfume, nail care products, and hair products as part of your lifestyle. Those previously mentioned contain harmful cosmetic materials, such as, rhodamine, BHA, mercury, retinoid, and some others that lead to miscarriage, abnormality in baby’s growth, cancer, allergic, and various others.

If wearing

Facial Moisturizers and Eye Creams

Moisturizers do Two Things: trap moisture below your skin’s outer layer and soften skin’s outer layer. This moisture and added softness makes dry ­or just dehydrated – skin temporarily feel better, look better, and behave better. Like other skin-care products, however, there is no such thing as a one-formula-fits-all moisturizer. Here, we offer you a moisturizing primer.

Facial moisturizers

There is a dizzying array of facial moisturizers out there: gels, serums, lotions, creams, and balms. Some come in tubes, others in pump bottles, jars, or tubs. There are lightweight formulas for skin that doesn’t need a lot of hydration and heavy-duty formulas for severely dehydrated skins. And there are moisturizers at all points between, some even with treatment ingredients designed to temporarily repair damaged skin. For the consumer, the choice can be confusing. Unlike cleanser, which doesn’t spend a lot of time on skin, moisturizer remains on skin all day. For that reason, it’s important to research and experiment until you find one your skin responds well to. Keep in mind, however, that not everyone needs moisturizer. (I realize this is not what the lady at the cosmetics counter told you.) Oily and even some normal

What Is The Real Difference Between Perfumes And Colognes?

Perfumes and colognes as well as other scented products have been used for centuries to trigger responses in our body from our acute sense of smell which is the strongest of our senses. They are not made one for women and the other for men, rather the difference is in intensity with perfumes having the strongest and long lasting scent and colognes being less strong and of shorter duration.

Any discussion of perfume leads one to the capitol of the modern fragrance industry which of course is France. What many people don’t realize though is that it wasn’t the French who discovered perfume any more than Columbus discovered the New World, the Egyptians originated the art of making fragrances it was the French who took it from an art to a science and then a multi-billion dollar industry.

In designing fragrances the biggest problem that is faced is that of longevity. Every scent will fade and become less fragrant over a period of time although some last longer than others. The French discovered the secret to overcoming this as much as possible and found that by layering the scents in three layers known as notes a

How Safe Is Permanent Makeup?

May be this is the reason why many opt for improving their beauty by less time consuming ways. That “less time consuming way” is obviously permanent makeup.

With permanent makeup, you’ll never have to experience the morning rush to ‘put on the face’. When attending a party, there’s no need to rush home so that you can put on make up. Why? Because with permanent makeup you already have it on your face!

What is permanent cosmetic makeup?

During permanent makeup surgery, micro particles of natural pigments are injected into the dermis, the middle layer of the skin. Permanent makeup surgery is also called micro-pigmentation. This is considered a safe procedure.

Permanent cosmetic makeup is used for enhancing various features. It can be used to give a good shape to eyebrows, hide birth marks, enhance the eyes, outline the lip contour etc. You can even get your eye lined permanently or your lips permanently turned into your favorite shade.

There are many women sensitive to cosmetics. This type of makeup is an ideal solution for such people. However, even though it is used for those with facial blemishes or sensitivities, it is mainly

All About Blush: Make-Up Made Easy

Giving a warm, natural color of blood rushing to your cheeks – this is what blush does. Blush gives depth and contour to your cheeks and accentuates your inner glow. Unfortunately, blush comes in a wide variety of hues, shades and tones that can get you confused on which shade is just right for your skin. A guide for beginners and experts alike, read on to get the full story on one of the cosmetic industry’s best effects.

1. Choosing the appropriate shade of blush for your skin tone

This is similar to picking the right shade for your foundation, concealer or eye shadow. It is hard to pick out the right one – doing this would require comprehension of color theory. But, you don’t need to worry. Blushers today are very flexible, which will blend onto your skin tone easily. Getting off at the wrong track, however, will make your face drained or looking like a clown.

2. What to consider

There are two simple things to take into consideration – skin and the context.

Skin tone

– Know whether your skin is a warm or cool tone.
– If you

Stunning Celebrity Sedu Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston set the sedu pace a while back. But of late she has been seen wearing stacked ponytails. The stacked ponytail has a fluffy type look. After years of sporting the sedu look she has begun to slowly make a change.

In spite of this many stars are still loyal to the sedu hairstyles. Jennifer Lopez, Halle Barry, Angelina Jolie and many others simply love them. The celebrity sedu hairstyles are very popular because of the sedu straightener.

It is uniquely designed and patented using ceramic plates that are made of tourmaline crystals. The plates remove static from the hair. Not only does your hair hold longer and shine better it is void of the cling problem.

The celebrity sedu hairstyle lasts longer because of the infrared heating technology. This technology molds the hair thereby increasing the ability of the hair to hold in place.

The sedu straightener is very versatile. Hair dyes, tints, or different colors do not effect the way the sedu straightener works. Herein lies its versatility and mass appeal.

Color and variety of hair alike do not stop the sedu from providing you with numerous celebrity sedu hairstyles.

Smokey Eye Tips

The smokey eye has become a classic eye make up look that every woman should master.

Follow these seven steps to achieve the smokey eye look.

Step 1. You must start with a good under eye concealer, such as Prescriptives Camouflage Cream. Always choose one shade lighter than your skin tone, and completely cover any dark circles. Since the smokey eye is very dark, you want to be certain you have good coverage here. If this is a stubborn area for you, (like it is for me) swipe a small amount of liquid highlighter under your eyes and blend with a brush gently. This should do the trick; however, practice before you wear it out.

Step 2. Using an eye shadow brush, dust your entire eyelid, from lash line to brow, with a shimmer pearl eye shadow.

Step 3. With a black eye pencil, draw a line along the upper lashes, as close to the lash line as possible. Start thin at the inner corner of the eye, gradually getting thicker as you work your way out. If you want to take it beyond your natural lash line, flick it up, and out.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Gloss For Your Lips

One should remember that perfection is ten percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. So searching for the lip gloss that best suits the lip color and lip tone one has is an endeavor that requires patience, perseverance and a little (just a little) bit of luck. Hopefully, the following tips will better the chances of discovering the lip gloss that best suits the lips you have on you.

1. Be open, do not forget to experiment!

There are numerous brands of lip gloss and the prices of each vary. A $7 lip gloss bought at a neighborhood drugstore is not necessarily inferior in quality compared to an $18 Poole lip gloss compact. Lips could only appreciate the texture, smoothness, silkiness of the gloss or feel its heaviness, stickiness, or icky-ness. Little do lips care about how much the lip gloss cost or where it was bought. Though high-end lip glosses at times do offer a super-glossy feel that it almost glides delightfully on the lips, there are also not too expensive lip glosses like Bonne Bell which could give the high-end brands a run for their money. A label is not everything. Sometimes, a great find

Purchasing Perfumes From Online Stores

Thanks to technology, we have great sales and bargains available over the Internet, which have proved to be very reasonable and affordable. These world wide websites have given such a big opportunity to retailers to market their products on the net, which gives them huge sales and profits. The Internet has even proved to be very cost effective for retailers as they sell their products on the net, without extra costs of shops, man power and so on.

All women love perfume and invest a lot of money in buying the best. But most of them avoid buying perfumes due to the heavy rush in stores and having to face rude salesmen. They despise leaving their homes in the heat, battling heavy traffic and paying a huge sum in parking fees. Thus an excellent option for them is to log on to the Internet and buy perfumes at their leisure. Just by the tap of their fingers they will get the best bargains.

The best part about online shopping is the convenience of shopping at any time of the day in the comfort of our homes and offices. However, many find it difficult and risky toview full post »