I Got a Summer Job on the Coast

Of course I am going to graduate at this end of this school year, so I am almost out of time to have the sort of fun you can have when you are not an adult. It would be smart for me to take a couple of classes this summer, but that would not be any fun. Instead I found a summer job down on the coast. It is right off of one of the beaches near Corpus Christi. I have been trying to figure out how much apartments in Corpus Christi Texas are going to cost, because obviously I am going to want to spend all my money on having fun. I was thinking about trying to borrow this camper trailer from my uncle Jack, but I am pretty sure that he would only laugh in my face. That would be really ideal if I could figure out how to get him to go along with the idea. Continue reading

Types of Perfumes and Fragrances

parThere are hundreds, perhaps thousands of types of perfumes in today`s market. The high demand for various types of perfumes makes it easily available to find them from inexpensive to moderate expensive to very expensive types of perfumes for all tastes and pockets. One does not have to go very far in order to find major brands available.

The most common way to describe a perfume is perhaps considering its concentration level, where it has been originated from, and the notes of the scent. The most common scent is floral with ingredients such as carnation, jasmine, violet, orange blossoms, lilies, orchids, just to name a few. All perfumes and colognes are different and they are meant to associate the personality and skin type of users.

In order to classify a perfume or cologne, one interesting aspect to consider would be the percentage of concentration by volume of perfume oil:

Perfume usually has in its content, 15 to 25% of perfumed oil.
Eau de Perfume usually has in its content 8 to 15% of perfumed oil.
Eau de Toilette usually has in its content 4 to 10% of perfumed

Fantasy Makeup Ideas

16The edgy, fantasy makeups aren’t available just for Halloween or other special events and parties. The surreal makeups and hairstyles are very in trend, not only because they match with the new styles, but because they make the most intriguing unique looks. You can make dramatic styles, or glamorous fairytale looks that will impress everyone. There are simple tricks to help you out with any style you would go for.

False Eyelashes

Using false eyelashes are one of the most simple tricks to use. There are endless styles to choose from: different colors, shapes, even with feathers. Just make your skin flawless, apply a simple eyeshadow that matches your outfit and apply the false eyelashes. It will provide such a sophisticated look that you don’t need any other special makeup to emphasize your look. The outrageous dramatic eyes will grab all the attention and complete your outfit. You can even try applying the lashes on the lower eyelid to make it more extreme.

Eyeshadow Tricks

The most common cosmetic

How to Do Zombie Makeup

15How elaborate zombies you are will depend on how time and vitality you wish to place to the character. It might be a ten-minute zombie hot makeup regime accomplished having a small paint, or it may be considered a fancy monster deal with of rotting flesh and facial damage. Whilst I have been waiting in collection for being counted in the Seattle Zombie event, I watched two girls constitute each and every other’s faces utilizing just some dim grey eyesight shadow they experienced with them, also it was incredible how much just a little bit of shading went: they glance severely undead through the time they determined they had been done!

Epidermis – to create peeling or cracking skin, a simple method would be to daub on fluid latex. Slim layers might be broken or peeled back again a little bit when dry, or cracked by shifting the face. Make within the peel glance bloody or rotten and place some black, dim grey or eco-friendly on individuals’ loose edges.

Shading – for any zombie you might be whitish with bluish lips (for a

How to Get the Five Star Chick Look

14Glamour…what girl doesn’t want it? From hair to make up, jewelry and clothes, every girl wants to look her best. A face is like a blank canvas waiting to be painted and can only be made more beautiful with colorful cosmetics. One celebrity songstress using this trend with great success is Nicki Minaj. Many compare her to Lil’Kim, but no one can deny she has a style all her own. If you want to get the Nicki Minaj make up look, it’s easier than you think.

Nicki Minaj’s look is bright and fun. It’s versatile because you can tone it down for the day and go all out for those special nights. Her main technique is to use vibrant eyeshadow colors and bright pink lipstick. Some call this the “Barbie look.” For sexy looking eyes, Nicki does the “smoky eye” look in different colors. For this look you can get eye shadow palettes with bright colors, mainly a lot of pinks, yellows, blues and purples from brands like Costal Scents, Sephora or Mac. Her cosmetics brand of choice is Mac, due

Makeup For Eczema

13Wearing makeup can enhance your best features and make you feel glamorous and beautiful. It can boost your confidence and cover up any skin imperfections or blemishes. For those of us who have eczema or severe dry skin, makeup can be a burden. It can dry the skin out more or cause annoying flare ups and other irritations. Searching for the right products for your skin, whether you have eczema or not, can be time consuming and is often a trial and error process. When searching for cosmetics, you should look for makeup that is noncomedogenic and hypoallergenic. You can still have eczema and wear makeup when you use the right type of cosmetics.

If your eczema is mostly on your face and around your eyes, you may not be able to wear eye shadow. You can still curl your lashes to make your eyes more open and your eye lashes more noticeable. Curling your eye lashes can even make them look longer. If mascara isn’t too irritating, you may just want to put

Eye Makeup To Flatter Very Large Or Heavily Lidded Eyes

12Liner:  Using the makeup principle above, first trace the upper eyelash line with a black or dark brown pencil or liquid eyeliner…you can also line from the inner corner to the outer corner, whichever you like best.  (Note:  Liner is most flattering when it gradually becomes thinner as it progresses toward the inner corner of the eye.)  Also add liner underneath the eyes starting in the outside corners, tapering to a very thin line, ending about halfway underneath the eye.  Large eyes can wear eyeliner beneath the lower lashline better than most eye shapes, but do be aware: if you have dark areas underneath your eyes, using too much liner under the lower lash line will draw attention to dark circles.

Shadows:  To flatter very large or heavily-lidded eyes, blend highly-pigmented medium-dark or dark eye shadows on the eyelid only.  Then with a thin angle-tipped brush,  trace over the eyeliner underneath the eye with your dark eye shadow to soften and smooth the liner.  Avoid using light colors on your eyelid since lighter tones will make the lids appear more full.

Sultry Eyes: A sultry eye look would look fabulous on large eyes!  Smudge darker colors on the eyelid. 

Natural Mineral Makeup For Glowing Skin

11Fine lines got you down? Quit that scalpel! You don’t demand a face-lift, a fine natural makeup brush and natural mineral makeup will fix your wrinkles, cover your blemishes, and strengthen your natural beauty. Heavy oily makeup makes skin hang and sag as you forcefully blend it, pulling and pushing on tender delicate skin. You may have a far superior option. Set your skin no price!

Natural cosmetics give mineral foundation powders applied with the delicate wisp of a brush. Color touches the skin like a glow of light, permitting the sheer luxury of translucent powder to accent your natural complexion, clearing tiny lines and eliminating blemishes.
You’ll have the ability to ignite the glow inside; producing use of refined mineral foundation powder produced from finely milled organic pigments discovered in necessary mineral nutrients. Toxic chemicals peel tender layers of delicate skin tissue as you rub and massage them into your skin to even out skin tones and blend colors. Natural cosmetic powders glide on with the feather light touch of a brush imparting protection from sun-damage with

Spring/Summer 2011 Makeup Trend- Pastel Colors

10Each season our eyes are enchanted by fabulous color including through the use of colors in makeup. The spring summer 2011 makeup trends are fabulous and diverse meaning one can definitely select a makeup style to suit the personality perfectly. One of the hottest trend from the spring summer 2011 season is the pastel colored makeup trend; this makeup trend not only suits perfectly with the season but it can also brighten up your look. Because people have different skin tones and preferences a variety of makeup shades have been developed just so women can benefit from the perfect makeup. Choosing light colored pastel makeup can be a perfect choice for women who want to soften their look. Soft pastel colors have a brightening effect so they can be a suitable choice for all skin tones.

Depending on personal preference and style one can apply the pastel colored makeup as desired to suit the style as well as shape of the eyes. One needs to adapt the colors and type of makeup used to

Traditional Make Up and Eco Friendly Solution of Chemicals

8In Myanmar, Carla Sommers discovers the beauty secrets of the Burmese and finds that beauty is not only skin deep at times, but that one prized beauty product comes not from the factory, but the forest.

Every culture and society had its own notions of beauty. From the pale faces of the Japanese geishas to the tattooed features of the Maoris. To enhance our perception of beauty there are many herbal and man-made preparations that, over the centuries have become de rigeur, from Egyptian kohl eyeliner, to scented hair oils and nowadays, makeup. I n modern day Myanmar, people still use the traditional cosmetic known as Thanaka, as a daily cosmetic and skin conditioner. Thanaka is made from the branches of the sandalwood tree, (linoria acidissimia) When ground, the bark of the Thanaka tree, it is claimed, acts as an astringent, sunscreen and antiseptic.

It is a common sight on the streets of most towns and cities to see people with swipes of powdery yellow paint on their cheeks, noses or arms. The yellow comes

Prepare your Skin For Light Makeup

22Before moving on to beautiful makeup, you should make sure to have healthy skin and already light by following our tips. The result can only be better!

Healthy skin and bright is to first take care of your skin every day. This is to hydrate it, but also to remove impurities that dull the complexion. So to clear this long face and keep a radiant natural to follow our advice!

Know your skin type

To begin, it is essential to know your skin type accurately. Do not put cream for dry skin, if you have oily skin and vice versa. Some women have no idea of their skin type and make mistakes, causing discomfort, tearing, or excessive brightness contrast.

In short, the best in these cases is to seek advice from an esthetician who will be able to advise you best on your skin type. You can then choose the beauty products that suit you, the day cream to foundation.

Wash and moisturize

For healthy skin, a

Bridal Makeup Look Flawless On Your Special Day

7The wedding of a girl is certainly the most auspicious occasion. On this day, every girl just wants to outshine others. She just wants amazing looks on her special day. For this purpose, special bridal makeup is a perfect solution to all your worries. The makeup is considered as the best tool to get glamorous & charming skin. It not only covers different ailments, but also helps in offering charming looks. For brides to be, different makeup techniques are available in the market so that they just look awesome on their special day.

Airbrushing is considered as the most revolutionary technique that helps in offering glamorous looks to the bride to be. In this, various machines are used in order to give a flawless look to the bride. Using these machines, a workout on the face is performed so that the bride to be, gets a wow looks. This technique is also very effective in providing contour to the face. With this technique, you can easily get the stunning look.

Airbrush makeup is certainly the best

10 Make-up Kits Every Beginner Should Own

6As a beginner, you might find it hard to compose your makeup collection. Yet, that’s why we’re here. If you follow up this article, you’ll find out which are the most suitable 10 cheap makeup kits that every beginner should own- starting with general care and finishing with the actual makeup products and tools. Here, at newfrog.com you can find the full list of essentials any beginner might need.

1.     Invest in facial care

Before starting to buy any kind of makeup, you should seriously consider investing in good facial care products. Not only isn’t it advisable, but nor is it healthy to apply makeup on bad skin. Therefore, it is essential that you take good care of your skin- especially of your face skin, which is more sensitive than other parts of your body and bad care can easily cause breakage. Unfortunately, breakage can translate to acne, redness, black heads and other noisy problems that we’ll all like to avoid.

These being said, the first kit every beginner should own is a facial supplies kit.

Why is it so Important to Hire a Picture Perfect Make-up Artist for Wedding Day?

5Finding well-informed makeup artist in Noida for noticeable makeup is a vital choice for a bride as the remarkable and spotless makeup adds spice in her gorgeousness and makes her the center of attraction. These artists have abilities to modify a simple girl into a stunning bride. Talking about the bridal makeup artists profoundly, they are the artists that have aptitude in their arena with relevant degrees. They know how to modify a simple girl into a stunning and dreamlike bride. These artists have all the crucial tools necessary for fashionable and splendid makeup. With specialized degrees of this field, they use the highest-quality merchandises. For a far-reaching and impeccable makeup, they keep them rationalized with all the newest technologies. They do the makeup and hairstyle that match your dress, jewelry, your persona and theme of the wedding. Trial sittings for pedicure, manicure, facial, bleaching, henna and innumerable others are executed by them cautiously and proficiently. An adept artist puts primer on the face before putting foundation. In addition to this, if you

Permanent Makeup Treatments in Los Angeles

9Suppose you can wake up in the morning without the trouble of make up? Certified medical micropigmentation (CMM) expert, Ruth Swissa fuses the her artistic background with current medical practice to offer her signature natural-looking permanent makeup and the latest skincare treatments. She is a third-generation medical aesthetician who specializes in medical tattoo, and is recommended by many doctors for patients recovering from surgery or accidents. Swissa approaches each client with the sensitivity of an artist, pulling from eight years of fine arts studies, and precision of a medic, working closely with the finest plastic surgeons locally and abroad.

Permanent cosmetics is heralded as one of the finest aesthetic conventions, that is, if it is done correctly. At Ruth Swissa Permanent Makeup and Skin, we ensure the most quality equipment, proper training of our staff, safeguard of personal information, and most explicitly, we assure a subtle, yet noticeable permanent enhancement. Swissa believes that permanent make up los angeles should be merely a complement to preexisting beauty of her patients. Using organic

Cosmetics Industry Overview

4Cosmetics have been around in one shape or form for many years, the earliest documented use of cosmetics is around 4000BC way back in ancient Egypt days where eye decoration and scents became common place. From then to now, very little has changed in the use of cosmetics, they are still used to contour and highlight the skin and features and to mask any body odour, although odour issues are not as big an issue now as it was back in those days.

The word “Cosmetics” is a rather broad term targeted towards many market sectors, its dictionary definition is;

A powder, lotion, lipstick, rouge, or other preparation for beautifying the face, skin, hair, nails, etc.
Cosmetics, superficial measures to make something appear better, more attractive, or more impressive:

A sub category of “Cosmetics” is “Makeup” this encompasses most modern day beauty products and is targeted to Facial cosmetics such as Eye Shadow, Lipstick, Mascara etc.

Today’s Cosmetic market place is a huge global economy worth approximately $40 billion, mostly generated in the western

Branded Permanent Makeup and Beauty Products Just a Click Away

3Get the branded permanent makeup products online through a leading authorize distributor, Online Salon Supply. The company is authorized to sale branded products and machines which are used for permanent makeup procedure. Apart from this, Online Salon Supply is also famous for providing permanent makeup training for beginners as well as advance level trainees.

Online Salon Supply, a leading company as well as authorized dealer in selling branded permanent makeup products as well as providing permanent makeup training. The company is based at California, U.S.A and comes up with online permanent makeup supplies as well as other beauty products. The company also comes up with multifarious training programs and certification on how to do permanent makeup.

Online Salon Supply is authorized as well as famous to sale online products and machines of branded manufacturers. The company is feeling proud to get dealership of famous companies like Biotouch. KP Beauty Products, Custom Cosmetic Centre, Tattoo Soothe and Skin Healix. The products which are sold online are reviewed by the top staff members.


Natural Makeup Look for Brown Eyes

2Brown eyes have a warm feel for them and look demure and innocent. They’ve an element of mystery and can be very enticing. Brown eyes have different shades like black, golden or green hues within the irises. The main thing about how to choose makeup for brown eyes would be that the colors should be complementary towards the brown eyes. They should be in a position to bring out the colors of not just the brown eye, however the shades of irises as well. This can help making your brown eyes the middle of attention of your facial features. Let’s go into the details of natural looking constitute tips for brown eyes.

Real looking Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

To include the shine and sparkle for your eyes, the following information on real looking make up tips for brown eyes will end up being very useful. Many girls and women find their brown eyes to become dull and boring and also have a desire of getting the

Makeup Artist To Enhance Your Charm

1The makeup is a very important thing. It helps in enhancing your looks. It is basically the covering which is provided with the help of the cosmetics. It is the desire of every single person living on this planet to look great. The reason for this is that better looks help in boosting the self-esteem and confidence level of an individual.

The makeup is very important in hiding the imperfections of the skin. There are various factors that have an adverse impact on our skin cell. Some of the most popular factors are UV rays of sun, dust, pollution & climatic condition. Owing to these, our skin cells get injured. In this way, our skin loses all the charm & attraction.

The makeup artists provide cure from these ailments. They take care of all the ailments and help in improving the overall looks of an individual. In this, they use various cosmetics and equipment so that your skin looks great and attractive. At times, due to external factors, our skin loses charm. These people help in providing

MAC Makeup Developed for Professionals, Loved By All

1MAC makeup (originally known as Makeup Artist Cosmetics) is a Canadian cosmetics brand developed by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo. The Toronto-based duo originally created this line for professional makeup artists who worked in television, film, theatre and fashion, and began promoting the product by giving free samples to prominent makeup artists in these industries. The quality and effectiveness of the products quickly became a favorite and in 1991 the first store opened in New York City.

MAC makeup is known for its innovative formulas, extensive color palette, professional results and of course the company’s dedication to social causes. After creating the very successful MAC AIDS fund, the VIVA Glam line was launched where every penny of the profits from a select line of lipsticks and glosses are donated to back to the charity. MAC makeup is also heralded for its 100% cruelty-free ingredients, as well as their recycling program where customers can return used bottles for a free lipstick or eye shadow.

MAC relies on little advertising compared to its competitors like L’Oreal, Cover

How Safe Are Your Cosmetics?

imagesMost of us probably don’t give much thought to our morning rituals, to the extent that we’re even awake during them. But the parade of personal care products Americans use each day—from toothpaste and shampoo to lipstick and aftershave—can affect us more than we realize. At issue are the chemical ingredients they contain and the extent to which they pose any risk to consumers. Just as Americans have developed an appetite for pesticide-free foods and all things organic, so too have they turned their attention to the make up of makeup.

Mounting research on the subject has raised questions and stoked concern about the potential toxicity of certain chemicals and has led to calls for increased regulation of the beauty business. Fragrance, in particular, has become a source of concern due to the unlisted ingredients behind the scents. A study of 17 popular fragrances by the Environmental Working Group and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, advocacy groups focused on exposing products they deem hazardous to health, found 14 undisclosed chemicals, on average. Among them were phthalates, which are used to soften plastic and have been linked